KNL Meru Includes Street Children in their Literacy Program

August 25, 2022

The Kenya National Library- Meru Branch has come up with an outreach program that includes vulnerable children as part of their literacy program. They include street children and those living in children’s homes.

The head of ICT in the KNS Meru branch Mr.Isaiah Lameck revealed that they aim at transforming street children and encouraging the ones in children’s homes to feel like they form part of society through the outreach program happening every Thursday.

He added that during their weekly visits, they do good towards transforming the lives of street children. Besides, they also encourage those in children’s homes to stop viewing themselves as less privileged.

We usually visit those in the streets and those in the children’s homes like Ripples International School to transform their lives and encourage them considering that they are less privileged,” he said.

Some of the activities they conduct during these weekly visits include the donation of books to vulnerable children and conducting discussions on life skills and their education.

According to Lameck, their input has already yielded positive results. For instance, most children who were predominantly living on the streets have changed and gone back to school. He insisted that the results are a good sign for them to continue running the program as it will improve the literacy levels and bring hope to vulnerable children.

We are happy with the response to this program and we are ready to continue with the same to ensure we reach all such children in the county,” Lameck added.

However, Lameck stated that students in Meru county are yet to make sure of the learning resources available. According to him, only a few people go to read those reading materials. With that, he is encouraging students and other curious minds in Meru county to take advantage of the facility.

Other branches of the KLS program are in Buuri, Gatimbi, Timau, and Mikumbune where curious minds can get and use the books for a small fee.


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