Gachagua; CBC is Here to Stay

October 13, 2022

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua yesterday said the government will not scrap the competency-based curriculum (CBC).

This has come after long speculation on what would happen to the curriculum pioneered by the previous government.

He was speaking at the Centre for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education (CEMASTEA) in Karen, Nairobi during the induction of 49 members of the CBC taskforce appointed by President William Ruto.

The taskforce comprises of 42 members and seven secretaries and will be in place for six months.

Gachagua said the taskforce is expected to review the curriculum and give recommendations on the identified areas.

“Let me confirm that the CBC is not being repealed. The taskforce will get views from stakeholders and Kenyans on how to improve the CBC and address the challenges that our children face with the curriculum,” said Gachagua.

In addition he said parties with opposing opinions are welcome to give their views by writing papers and presenting what they think can help the education system.

“To Kenyans, do not be bystanders in this process, if you have anything we can put in the education reform process, it is the time to come out,” he said.

The taskforce was appointed to look into concerns raised by parents on the double transition of learners to secondary schools in January amid limited accommodation and the high cost of the new education system.

Among the issues the taskforce is expected to look into include undertaking summative evaluation of the competency-based-curriculum and assess and recommend an appropriate structure to implement it.

In addition it will review and recommend a governance and financing framework for TVET training and development, university education, research and training.

Further it will assess the examination framework and the quality assurance and standards framework among other issues.

During this year’s presidential campaigns, President Ruto Kenya Kwanza party had promised to scrap off the CBC system once it ascend to power.





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