Students Affected by Drought in Tana River to be Hosted in Low-Cost Boarding Schools

October 14, 2022

Students in areas stricken by drought and famine in Tana River will be admitted in low-cost boarding schools to mitigate pupils dropping out of due to migration of families.

This was said by county Director of Education Khalif Sheikh adding that Children were reported dropping out of school in Tana North,Bura and Upper Galole sub-counties.

As reported by Nation Africa, due to drought learning has been affected as parents are migrating with livestock and children towards the Tana Delta in search of pasture and water.

As a result classrooms in most schools in these areas are nearly empty.

Wolesoreya, Bangale, Mbalambala, Mororo and Waldena primary schools in Tana Delta were designated as low-cost boarding schools.

Mr Sheikh appealed to parents to drop off their children in the nearest schools as they proceed in search of pasture promising they would be taken care off.

To ensure no child drop out of school due to lack of school fees, Mr Sheikh appealed to school heads to accept bags of maize, chickens and even goats as school fees and issue respective parents with receipts.

Further he cautioned them against sending away candidates without school fees as this would affect their performance.

He said that the money allocated by the government was made available last week and it will aid in taking care of students in such situations.

However, he said, the most pressing issue is scarcity of water in some areas which is making cooking impossible in most schools.

He appealed to humanitarian organizations supporting families with cash transfers to channel aid to them.

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