Primary Boarding Schools to be Abolish January Next Year

December 7, 2022

Come January 2023, there will be no more primary boarding schools for pupils learning in grades 1 to 9 after the government announced it will be abolished.

This was announce by Basic Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang’ at the official opening ceremony of the 18th Kenya Primary School Heads Association (KEPSHA in Mombasa.

In essence, the implementation of this policy will see grade six pupils joining junior secondary schools next year, admitted in primary day schools in their home area.

“We must create a way in which we can be with our children and the only way is through day schooling. The first nine years of learning that are Grades 1 to 9, the direction that the government is taking will be day schooling,” Kipsang’ said.

He said going forward day schooling will be the direction, saying that this is the only way parents and children will be able to engage.

Last week, the government gave a directive that Junior Secondary School to be domiciled in existing primary schools.

According to Kipsang’ Kenya has the highest percentage globally of its children in boarding schools, standing at 28 percent against 15 percent global rate.

Toward this end, he said, the primary responsibility of an educator lay squarely on parents as this help their children acquire the right values they desire them to have.

“We cannot outsource our responsibility as we parents, we only co-parent with teachers but we cannot outsource parenting from the teachers,” Kipsang’ said.

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