Man Arrested for Defiling Three Minors in a Lodging in Kamukunji

December 14, 2022

Police officers have arrested a man in Kamukunji area for defiling three minors in a lodging he had booked in the area.

Police report indicates that over the weekend the man allegedly booked a room in one of the hotels within the city where he assaulted and sexually abused the three minors all aged 17.

Nation Africa reports that the incidence came to the light after the minors alerted a hotel attendant of what was going on in the room prompting the police to be alerted.

The police report in part read, “At 4:30am, Ms Juliana Wanjiku, the hotel attendant reported that there was a defilement incident, which had taken place at the said hotel room number 401. Police rushed to the scene where they found the three juveniles who were identified as E.A.T, J.W.H and M.W.C”.

The police arrested the perpetrator and locked him at Kamukunji police station while the minors were taken to the hospital for medical checkup.

The suspect is due to be arraigned at the Makadara Law Courts.

Police are seeking to establish how the minors left their homes and ended up in the company of the suspect who had spent the better part of the day drinking alcohol.

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