DPP Inspects Child-Friendly Interview Rooms in Kibera Law Court

February 9, 2023

Office of the Director of Public Prosecution has pledged to support Kibera court with necessary technology to fast track children related cases.

This was said by Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji on Wednesday when he visited the Kibera Law Courts to inspect the child-friendly interview rooms.

The rooms are equipped with video conferencing equipment to allow remote interviewing and court sessions hence minimizing secondary victimization.

These rooms seeks to assist prosecutors to prepare children prior to trials and to prevent secondary victimization of those children.

“We have special rooms that separate children from adults so that they can have an environment that enables them to testify effectively,” Haji said.

He said that the rooms have been opened in various courts.

“When children are psychologically affected it’s good to make sure that they get a good environment to testify in some of the cases that they are involved in,” he said.

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