MP Nyoro Waives Day School Fees to Sh1,000 in Kiharu

February 16, 2023

About 14,000 learners in 60 Day Secondary Schools in Kiharu Constituency, Muranga County are set to benefit from Ksh 1,000 per term school fee program.

This is after the area Member of Parliament, Ndindi Nyoro, launched kiharu masomo bora program which aims to alleviate fees burden and promote education accessibility and equality.

In essence parents who previously paid Sh12,000 per year will now pay Sh3,000 annually.

The program will also covers Day Scholars in Mixed Day and Boarding Secondary Schools. In addition, the program will cover students outside the constituency who gets a placement in area’s Day Schools.

Further, Sh 60 million has been allocated for infrastructural development and to revamp the existing infrastructure in our Day Schools.

“We have launched a very elaborate programme of revamping our infrastructure in all-day schools cutting across all students,” Nyoro said.

Another Sh 10 million has been allocated for revision materials targeting our Day Secondary Schools.

Apart from development, Nyoro also committed to ensure learners are given free meals in school, for six days a week.

‘We have changed the menu for lunch to 3 days Rice and 3 days Githeri per week. We introduced meals for Saturday. Tea/Uji at 10 O’clock and Lunch. This is to make learners engaged and optimise on time,’ a statement on his social stated.

The lawmaker also highlighted that all schools in the constituency have tiled floors saying improveing the learning environment for learners and impacts positively on their grades.

“All our primary schools in Kiharu now look like academies and not just any school,” he said.


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