Tanzania Abolishes Boarding for Lower Primary Pupils

March 7, 2023

Tanzania has abolished boarding school for nursery up to Standard Four pupils, effective from March 1.

The Education Ministry said this will allow children and their parents to create a bond while at the same time to allowing children to receive parental care, build values and participate in various community activities.

However, a special permit will be granted by the Commissioner for Education upon receiving an application for offering the services.

“It is not allowed to provide boarding services to pupils of nursery and Standard One except with a special permit that will be issued by the commissioner of education, after receiving an application from the relevant stakeholder,” Education commissioner Dr Lyabwene Mtahabwa said in a statement.

Schools which violates this new directive will face legal measures or annulment of their license.

This directive was issued via the Education Circular No 2 of 2023 on Boarding Services for pupils from nursery and primary schools by the Ministry’  Commissioner for Education, Dr Lyabwene Mtahabwa yesterday.

Dr.Mtahabwa said the directive became necessary after it was discovered that some schools enrolled very young children from nursery level to Standard Four to their boarding facilities.

“Boarding services for young children comprising nursery to Standard Four is depriving them a chance to bond with their families and society, build values and take part in the various development activities in society,” said Dr Mtahabwa.

Underscoring the importance of parental affection, she said research shows that taking very young children to boarding school has an effect on their future thereby, they fail to take their places in the families and society.

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