MOE has Formed Committee to Combat LGBTQ Agenda in Schools-Machogu

March 13, 2023

Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu last week revealed that the Ministry has developed a strategy to combat infiltration of LGBTQ agenda in Kenyan schools.

He said a committee consisting of officials from the Ministry and has been formed look into the LGBTQ issue and come up with possible solution to counter its infiltration in schools.

‘Three weeks ago we met and set up a committee together with the church leaders where Bishop Ole Sapit will chair this committee to deal with the issue of LGBTQ in schools. These are issues we can’t allow in our schools,’ he said

He said this before the Senate Committee on Education last week.

Mr Machogu was responding to a question posed by Nominated Senator Tabitha Mutinda who sought to know what the Ministry of Education was doing to counter the spread of the LGBTQ agenda in schools.

“We, as leaders and parents are concerned that this issue has moved so fast in our primary schools,” she said.

As part of the plan, he said, the ministry will establish chaplaincies in Kenyan schools emphasizing the need to prevent the infiltration of LGBTQ+ principles among Kenyan learners.

“We are establishing a Chaplaincy chaired by Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit. We cannot allow those issues (LGBTQ) to infiltrate our schools. We aim to establish chaplaincies in Kenyan schools,” Machogu said.

The Education CS’s said the new regulatory measures put in place to govern outsiders carrying out activities in educational institutions will help protect teachers and learners from the influence of contemporary practices that could erode cultural values.

This, he said, is because individuals or organized groups seeking to carry out activities in schools would undergo vetting as one of the preventive measures.



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