Government Takes Over Management of Early-Grade Reading Program Tusome.

March 20, 2023

The government through the ministry of Education has taken over the management of early-grade reading program Tusome.

The program which is funded by USAID and implemented by Research Triangle International helps learners read in English and Swahili fluently.

The takeover comes as a result of USAID pulling out of the partnership thus putting the program in the hands of the government.

Nereah Olik, primary education director said the program had improved reading standards for students.

“Learners who broke into tears when asked to read have been able to become better readers,” Olik said.

The aim of the program was to improve teacher capacity for effective delivery methods of classroom instruction.

Further, it aimed to improve access to appropriate textbooks and supplementary materials in literacy

Tusome was launched in 2014 to help learners in Grades 1, 2 and 3 to fluently read in English and Kiswahili.

Tusome aims to achieve greater improvements in learning outcomes for nearly seven million children in grades 1-3 in all of Kenya’s public schools.

In addition, it targets 96 special needs education schools, and 1,500 Alternative Provision of Basic Education Institutions in urban slums of Kenya.



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