Ugandan Ghetto Kids Earn Golden Buzzer On Britain's Got Talent, Making History

April 17, 2023

Following their ecstatic and energetic performance on Saturday,` Uganda Ghetto Kids had a spectacular debut on  16th  season  of Britain’s Got Talent where they earned the golden buzzer.

The golden buzzer, which is supposed to be touched at the end of the program, was pressed in the middle of the performance by one of the judges who couldn’t stop smiling as he watched the kids dance.

The children who hails from Uganda were accompanied by their chaperon Daouda Kavuma,

Mr.Kavuma is the head of the orphanage in which the children reside where 30 children underprivileged and some orphaned are sheltered.

According to Kavuma, Ugandan ghetto kids are on a mission to uplift children in all aspects of their lives by using the power of song and drama to create a brighter future.

“Ghetto kids is all about making their lives better through paying their school fees, feeding them, [paying] hospital bills, all the basic needs that a child wants,” he said in a montage played before the BGT performance.

The group was able to secure a position on the competition show, and their performance was memorable.

Donning green African attire, the group of 5 immediately warmed up the audience with their generous smiles and a heartwarming story of how they rose to fame through dance.

At the middle of their performance a much younger girl joined the team which saw Judge Bruno Tonioli become elated where he soon after pressed the golden buzzer button as he tried to imitate some of the dance move in a joyous moment.

At this moment, amid jubilation from the crowd, confetti poured on the stage No act in the talent show’s history has ever received a golden buzzer midway.

“That’s actually never happened. Normally the golden buzzer is pressed afterwards. He (Tonioli) gave you the golden buzzer and you performed with the confetti. It was magical,” said Judge Simon Cowell, whose sentiments were also echoed by Judges Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon.

The group shot through fame in 2014 after they were featured in Eddy Kenzo’s Sitya Loss song and in 2017 they were featured in French Montana’s hit song Unforgettable which gained them international recognition.

This opened more doors for them as they have since performed on global stages among them the BET awards and Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice awards.



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