USA: Dangerous TikTok Challenge Leaves Teen with 80% Burn on His Body

May 3, 2023

A 16-year-old boy from North Carolina in the USA was severely disfigured, with burns covering nearly 80 percent of his body after he participated in a dangerous Tik Tok challenge. The New York Post reported.

The latest TikTok trend sees users trying to make the blowtorch using a lighter and a spray can.

According to his family Mason Dark and his friends were creating a makeshift torch with a spray paint can and a lighter, which triggered an explosion that consumed the teens in flames.

Mason’s burns were severe as he was the one holding the can when it exploded in his hands.

It was reported that after the explosion Mason came running out and started taking off his shirt, hopped into a nearby river to soothe the burns, but emerged with charred skin.

Both moves ended up worsening his condition: The teenager suffered a T-shaped third-degree burn on his back from ripping off the flaming shift, and is at high risk of infection from the river water.

Recounting the ordeal his mother Holli Dark said, “I went to sleep and we get the call from one of his best friends that there was an accident and something with spray paint blew up, Mason was burned, he jumped in the river, he can’t move around, it’s kind of a blur.”

“He’s unrecognizable. Unrecognizable,” his mother, Holli Dark, told WRAL.

He was rushed to the UNC Burn Center with burns covering 76 percent of his body, his mother said.

Mason has already undergone several surgeries to get skin grafts and will spend at least six months in the burn unit.

This comes after the viral Benadryl trend on TikTok claimed the life of a boy from the Ohi in the USA.




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