Over 450,000 Children Displaced in Ongoing War in Sudan

May 19, 2023

Over 450,000 children in Sudan have been displaced internally and externally in the ongoing violence occasioned by rival military forces.

According to UNICEF, an estimated 82,000 children have fled to neighboring countries and approximately 368,000 more are displaced inside the country.

In addition, at least nine children have reportedly been killed and more than 50 wounded since the conflict broke out.

According to reports incidences of children sheltering in schools and care centres have been reported. More so  children’s hospitals have been forced to evacuate as the war moves closer, and hospitals, health centers, and other critical infrastructure damaged or destroyed,

Children who were already in a vulnerable situation due to malnutrition are facing worse situations as they are unable to access much-needed food and nutritional supplements. More than 50,000 severely malnourished children are no longer receiving the care they need according to the UN.

The hostilities are further exposing children to potential grave violations, including recruitment and use by armed groups, as well as sexual violence.

The impacts of preventing vulnerable children from receiving health, protection, and education services will last a lifetime, UNiCEF said.

Even before the current crisis, 7 million children in Sudan were not in school and 2.7 million children were living with malnutrition and the situation is expected to worsen.

School closures occasioned by the conflict have forced millions out of their classrooms – leaving one in three girls and one in four boys unable to learn.

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