Uganda: 20 People Arrested in Connection with 42 Students Massacre

June 20, 2023

At least 20 people have been arrested by Ugandan police in connection with the massacre that left 42 students dead.

The victims were killed in a suspected rebel attack by the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), Ugandan militants with Islamic State group ties, where they were burned, shot, or hacked to death students in Lhubiriha Secondary School near the border with Congo. The youngest victim in the Friday attack was just 12 years old, police said

Among those arrested are the head teacher and school’s director who are suspected of collaborating with Islamist militants believed to have attacked a school last Friday.

The arrests follow authorities’ earlier disclosure that the ADF may have spent days planning the attack with the help of local residents in town.

A spokesperson for the Uganda Police Force, Fred Enanga, told CNN on Monday that 20 suspected ADF collaborators had been arrested, but no actual members of the militia group.

According to the local media, the Ugandan army is still hunting Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) militants, who have reportedly moved back over the border into eastern Democratic Republic of Congo where they are based.

On Sunday, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni described the attack as ‘criminal, desperate, terrorist and futile’. He added that he was deploying more troops to the western part of the country and across Uganda’s border with the Congo to pursue the assailants.

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