39 Public Schools in Nairobi Issued with Title Deeds

June 23, 2023

More than 39 public schools and ECDE Centres in Nairobi received their title deeds after years of waiting.

These title deeds were issued by Nairobi governor Johnson Sakaja on Thursday where over 2,000 title deeds were issued to public institutions around Nairobi.

The move is aimed at granting ownership to the schools whilst providing protection against land grabbers.

A recent survey by Kenya Land Alliance indicated that 70 percent of 32,354 public schools’ land does not have title deeds as of November 2019.

According to a report dubbed ‘A Handbook for Public Schools Land Defenders, Shule Yangu Alliance Campaign 2020, further showed that more than 4,100 public schools have formally reported being at risk of being grabbed due to lack of ownership documents.

‘We have captured data for more than 7,500 properties under our titling program, and the Ministry of Land has assisted us. Today, we will begin issuing the first 2,000 deeds, and the remaining ones will be issued in due course.’ Governor Sakaja stated.

Some of the 39 schools that received their title deeds include Ngei Primary, Wango Primary, Juja Road Primary School, Mukuru Kwa Njenga Primary, Joseph Apudo Primary, Mukuru Kayaba Primary School, and Baba Dogo Primary School.

Other schools on the list are Bahati Primary School, Garden Estate Primary School, High Ridge Primary, Kahawa West Primary School, Karen C Primary, Kibera Primary, Kibora Primary, Kirigu Primary, Mathare 4A Primary, and Zawadi Primary, among others.

Nairobi County has 205 public primary schools and 95 secondary schools.

In 2015, President Uhuru Kenyatta directed the Ministry of Lands to issue title deeds to all learning institutions. The President directed that school land ownership documents be processed and registered in the names of school committees and management boards.

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