School Buses to be Fitted with CCTV Cameras-CS Murkomen

July 4, 2023

Transport CS Kipchumba Murkomen on Tuesday, July 4, announced that school buses and public transport vehicles will be required to install dashboard cameras and vehicle telematics in new regulations proposed to curb the rise of road accidents in the country.

Speaking in Kericho County the CS said “Telematics will have a GPS system showing where a vehicle will be at any particular time, it will have a black box recorder that will be transmitting the speed of every vehicle at every time.

“It will show the location of every vehicle and show when and who maintained the vehicle. It will show where the vehicle was serviced and who serviced the vehicle,” he stated

Murkomen said that the dashboard cameras will be linked to the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) site and all government ministries must access the service notifying where the vehicle is located. The cameras will be fitted in front and at the back of the vehicles.

He said all Saccos must be enrolled in the application so that when a child board the vehicle heading to Nairobi, the application can show its location and its speed, as well as details of the driver.

While alluding to the prices of the dashboard cameras, Murkomen noted that the cameras will not exceed Ksh30,000.

This regulation comes days after the Londiani accident that claimed 53 lives leaving dozens injured.



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