October 6, 2023

As this year’s Customer Service Week comes to an end, Mtoto News would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation, recognition, and thankfulness to all our partners, friends, staff, children and readers.

This year’s CWS theme, Team Service, wouldn’t be timelier as it is the seamless teamwork from all of YOU that we have been able to achieve our mission of making children visible by amplifying their voices.

You have been our BEDROCK.

Our PARTNERS, we celebrate YOU and your amazing contributions to our organization. Through you many children’s voices have been heard in villages, nationally and internationally. Asante Sana.

Our FRIENDS, We appreciate your thoughtfulness and your willingness to walk this journey with us. We See You.

Our STAFF, Your positive attitude, hard work, and ability to go above and beyond for the organization to achieve its objective are an inspiration. Keep Up the fantastic Work.

Our Children, You have been incredible, industrious, and brave champions of our times advocating for issues that affect millions of children around the world. Tunawapenda Vinoma.

Our READERS, Your commitment and love for our content are unmatched. Sharing, interacting, and reposting our content has not gone unnoticed. Thank You a Million.


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