HOAX: Safaricom is not offering Fuliza limit increments through this Telegram channel

October 23, 2023

The telco has denounced the channel.
This Facebook post with a link to a Telegram channel claiming to offer an increase of Safaricom’s Fuliza limit is a HOAX.

The post, partly in Swahili, reads: “Thanks almighty God, I didn’t believe that this thing is legitimate.”

The author also shared links to a Telegram channel and a screenshot showing a KSh62,500 limit on Safaricom’s overdraft service, Fuliza.

A similar post has also been shared here.

The Telegram channel bears the name ‘Safaricom Loan Increments’ and had 853 subscribers as of 12 October 2023.

PesaCheck reviewed the channel and discovered that its administrator(s) often share(s) screenshots such as the one in the Facebook post as purported beneficiaries’ testimonials. Members of the channel are also urged to send a private message to the administrator to get assistance on increasing their overdraft limits.

Safaricom’s Fuliza is a continuous overdraft service that allows users to complete M-PESA transactions when they have insufficient funds. However, according to the Safaricom website, the increment happens through frequent usage of the telco’s services and paying the overdraft on time.

PesaCheck also reached out to Safaricom’s customer care desk on X (formerly Twitter), and the company’s response was, “Those are fraudster (sic), kindly forward their details to 333 (free) for further investigations.”

PesaCheck has looked into a Facebook post with a link to a Telegram channel claiming to offer an increase of Safaricom’s Fuliza limit and found it to be a HOAX.

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