Are Women To Be Blamed for the Rise of Femicide Cases in Kenya?

January 22, 2024

It is so sad that most times women are the ones to be blamed when they are killed. Femicide can be defined as an intentional killing with a gender-related motivation. Femicide may be driven by stereotyped gender roles, discrimination towards women and girls, unequal power relations between women and men, or harmful social norms.

Based on the recent carnage in our country during the last two weeks, it is evident that femicide is now taking the throne. At least six cases of femicide have been reported since the start of January 2024. 

But the question is, are women to be blamed? Or a murderer is just a murderer looking for an excuse. Surprisingly most people claim that the ladies deserved it cause they were all after money, but does that justify their murder?  I don’t think so. 

Girls are dying in the hands of people they call their lovers and significant others but men and some women are supporting murderers saying that’s what should be done to them because they were there for money and I’m wondering….What have these guys gone through such that they think all women are after money? Well, most women are killed by people they loved and thought were loved back.

On Wednesday 17th January, another woman was killed. And this time not in an air BNB but her own house. She was innocently preparing food for her family then was beheaded in her own kitchen.

This is now a matter of concern and should be carefully dealt with.

To the ladies out there, remember that material possessions come and go. Don’t let it end your life. To men, violence is never the answer. There are several ways of resolving conflict. Therefore, as a country let’s come together and protect our girls and women.

 By Benedetta Muema: Apprentice Mtoto News 

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