It Is Time We Hold Ourselves Accountable

January 23, 2024

Most of the time you will hear people shout, Climate Change! Climate Change!, but does everyone really care about our planet? I don’t think so.

Do we not know that human activities such as deforestation lead to environmental degradation where animals and plants lose their habitat, loss of trees and other vegetation can cause climate change, desertification, soil erosion and flooding. 

There are some of the areas in Kenya that have experienced environmental degradation which include parts of Mau forest, mount Kenya region and parts of lake Victoria where the practice of deforestation ,illegal logging and unsustainable agricultural practices have contributed to the environmental challenges in this area.

But what should we do?

Everyone should practice environmental conservation, which is the practice of preserving the natural world to prevent it from collapsing as a result of human activities.

Environmental conservation is essential for maintaining biodiversity, mitigating climate change and ensuring the long term well being of both humans and the planet, however human activities such as deforestation, pollution and climate change are pushing many species to the brink of extinction.

So first thing, Pick up that box of milk or juice you have just thrown on the pavement.

As we safeguard the environment we should take our individual responsibilities by recycling, composting and reducing waste generation in order to minimize their impact on landfills and the environment.

If we kill the environment and our planet now, what will happen to the next generation? We should preserve the environment in order to maintain species diversity for our benefit and that of wildlife to provide opportunities for education and the enjoyment of the environment.

People who take care of forests and others involved can lessen cutting down trees by showing that forests can be a good choice for using the land. They can also make more people aware of how important forests are for the environment.

The government can provide other kinds of energy so that we don’t have to cut down as many trees. They can also tell farmers to use better ways of farming, like planting trees with crops, to make the soil and water better.

Taking good care of the environment helps more plants and animals thrive, keeps homes for them safe, reduces harmful gases, and ensures cleaner water and air.

Conserving nature can really help local communities by involving local businesses. This encourages people to protect nature and keep up their traditional practices.

For us to solve environmental issues, we should look after important natural areas, use more renewable energy like solar and stop giving extra support to fossil fuels.

It is common knowledge that the environment advocates have been telling people to recycle and reuse for decades now which is relevant today. We should take responsibility in the conservation and preservation of the  environment, it should be an individual responsibility to protect our environment.

I am ready, the question is, are you??

By Alice Njoki; Child apprentice 

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