Period Poverty, A Girl Child Crisis

January 23, 2024

Some of you may ask, What is period poverty. From my understanding, period poverty is generally lacking access to menstrual products, education and hygiene resources needed when having a period.

Now, Let’s talk about this.

Is period poverty a girl’s crisis? Most people think it’s not but I fully disagree and and support the fact that it is a crisis. Did you even know that 7 out of 10 Kenyan girls face period poverty between the ages of 15-18. Does it ever come to mind that 3 out of 5 girls in Kenya miss school due to period poverty, going to school for only 48 days of their whole year in school.

The highly affected girls are located in marginalized areas but what are we doing about it to solve this crisis? Addressing period poverty can be complicated as it’s both an economic issue and one perpetuated by long-held cultural beliefs and customs. Ending period poverty requires better education on menstruation but also the support of government, health and public bodies. Policy makers should also take part and reduce or fully abolish taxes on menstrual products.

Have anything been done in order to help solve period poverty?

Well, Specific individuals have taken initiatives of solving period poverty, people like Senator Gloria Orwoba is working to end period poverty through the Sanitary Towels Provision Bill, which seeks to end it by making sanitary pads freely available to all school girls and women in prison across the country.

There’s always room for improvement in every sector. Let’s all make this a personal crisis and help a girl. May 28th is a global Menstrual Hygiene Day, let’s all make an initiative and change a girl’s life and impact it fully.
Menstrual equity combats both period poverty and stigma and should be considered a human right

A girl child crisis is an everybody’s crisis. Let’s always be in the lookout to help a girl and end period poverty.

By Daisy Njoroge; Child Apprentice

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