Understanding Child Participation from a Child's Perspective

February 21, 2024

Imagine a world where children aren’t just seen but heard, where their opinions carry weight, and their voices shape the decisions that impact their lives. 

This is the essence of child participation, it is the engagement of children in the matters that concern them. Child participation is not just a concept but it is a practice that empowers us to be active agents in our own lives. It is about acknowledging our rights and inviting us into meaningful conversations, recognizing that we possess valuable insights and perspectives.

Child participation can be practiced in different ways. Some examples include involving children in decision-making processes at school, such as letting us have a say in creating classroom rules or selecting activities. It can also involve children participating in community projects, like cleaning their community and visiting other children who are not privileged. Additionally, We can participate in discussions and talk in panels about issues that directly affect us, such as policies on education or child rights.

Children’s development is greatly helped by active participation in many ways. It helps in the development of important abilities like reasoning, problem-solving, and communication. Furthermore, it increases our sense of responsibility, empathy, and self-confidence. Likewise it gives us a sense of self and confidence that our opinions are taken into account. Children who participate in society grow up to be responsible, involved, and active members of it.

Establishing environments where children feel free to express their thoughts and feelings is one way you can promote child participation. Their opinions matter, and you should always let them know that.

Ensuring that our voices are heard and considered is important, as is valuing our perspectives.

By Beneditta Muema

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