Over 17,000 Palestinian Children Orphaned, 21,000 Missing in Gaza Conflict

June 24, 2024

Since the start of Israel’s war on Palestinian territory over eight months ago, more than 17,000 Palestinian children have lost their parents, according to Gaza’s Government Media Office.

The office released this information this Monday, noting that 3% of these children have lost both parents.

Save the Children, a humanitarian organization, stated that around 21,000 Palestinian children are missing due to the ongoing conflict. This includes approximately 17,000 children who are separated from their families and about 4,000 children who may be trapped under collapsed buildings.

The charity also mentioned that some children may be in mass graves or forcibly disappeared, including those taken away from Gaza.

Jeremy Stoner, Save the Children’s regional director for the Middle East, emphasized the anguish of families not knowing where their loved ones are. He stated, “No parent should have to search through rubble or mass graves to find their child’s body. No child should be alone or held captive in a war zone.”

Stoner called urgently for a ceasefire in Gaza to help find missing children who have survived and prevent further harm to families.

UNICEF reported that more than 14,000 Palestinian children have been killed during months of Israeli aggression in Gaza.

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