Keep children safe while they are at school

August 22, 2022

As children resume back to school, the election period mood is not yet over. Thus Kenyans should still maintain peace even as we wait for the Presidential case on Tuesday.

Safety of children should be priority as some of them are far away from home. As children are our next generation, it should be noted that they may be able to ensure that there will be peace in the next general elections in future.

Teachers, parents and guardians should also sensitize the importance of peace to children. This maybe through discouraging tribalism among them. With this, children may be able to show love towards others despite of their social identity.

However, kenyans have already showed great improvement by maintaining peace during the election period. This as proved by the Commonwealth observer group, which deemed the election peaceful and transparent, and offered recommendations for consideration to improve future elections.

Schools should also ensure children are safe through ensuring that there is tight security. In addition, the government should also ensure that children get a conducive environment for learning while keeping them safe.


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