COP 28 : Young Climate Advocates call for Climate Education and Justice

December 11, 2023

The fight for Climate Justice continues with a representation of young people including the youth and children at the COP 28 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. A  team of vibrant young people recently interacted with the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres who cited a wave of hope in efforts to realise climate education and justice in making sure there is climate action. The young people vowed not to keep silent seeing climate change threaten their future, demanding government policy makers to incorporate their voices and ideas in rescuing the climate.

A high level of youth representation was noted missing in the day-to-day activities during the COP 28 as well as other UN climate conferences.” Despite our continuous call for ambitious climate action our children and youth are absent from climate discussions, commitments and policy making. Parties must protect our interests by immediately placing the voices of children and youth at the centre of all levels of climate change decision making,” said Dr.Mashkur Isa of YOUNGO.

As COP 28 enters the final stretch, the UN Climate Change Secretary Simon Stiell has called on negotiators to achieve what he termed as the “highest ambition” outcome. “Each step back from the highest ambition will cost countless millions of lives, not in the next political or economic cycle, for future leaders to deal with, but right now, across every country,” he said.

By Arnold Fedha

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