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Benefits of Exercising Regularly

How often do you exercise ? Is it important to exercise regularly ? Let’s find out …What would happen if you exercised everyday ? Well, no need to respond . Just think it through. Physical wellness is such an incredible journey that very few people have incorporated in their lives despite age, be it children […]


Untold struggles; the existence of street urchins and street families

Children living or working in the streets are entitled to respect , protection and fulfilment of all the rights that have been clearly stipulated in the Convention on Rights of the Child. Basically, this is a human rights treaty which sets out the civil, political, economic, social, health and cultural rights of children.  What causes […]

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Ufadhili wa masomo na KCB

Shughuli ya kutoa ufadhili wa masomo kwa wanafunzi waliofanya mtihani wa KCPE mwaka wa 2023 na wasiojiweza imeng’oa nanga leo hii kupitia shirika la KCB jijiini Nairobi. Wanafunzi zaidi ya elfu kumi na wawiili walituma maombi yao, idadi ambayo ni  kubwa zaidi kushuhudiwa na KCB huku wanafunzi takribani elfu moja tu wakitarajiwa kunufaika. Ufadhili huo […]

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14 year old boy from a poor family in Kiambu County pleads for financial aid in form 1 admission at Chania Boys High School

A family in Juja, Kiambu county is calling on well-wishers to support their kin, Francis Macharia who is yet to join form one after scoring 373 marks despite his background. 14 year old Macharia expressed distress seeing his former classmates and friends having gone through admission in various schools countrywide even as he looks forward […]

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From Childhood Dreams to Adult Wins

(Finding your way in life’s challenges with Gratitude and Growth) Imagine living in a world free of negativity, or free from people who always expect the worst and all kinds of disappointments in life. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Every human being may choose a lifestyle like this one because there is nothing better than relaxing […]


COP 28 : Young Climate Advocates call for Climate Education and Justice

The fight for Climate Justice continues with a representation of young people including the youth and children at the COP 28 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. A  team of vibrant young people recently interacted with the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres who cited a wave of hope in efforts to realise climate education and justice […]

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Get it Right for Children in the COP 28

Children are mostly side lined in matters of decision making and conversations aimed at coming up with policies for the development of the nation. One would argue that at their level, there is little to be contributed in such high profiled discussions consisting of policy makers and those in authority. However, this is not the […]

Climate Change

African children struggle to breathe

Overtime, African countries have shifted from the creation of goods by hand into the manufacturing of goods and processing of substances using machines, what is often referred to as the Industrial revolution. We live in a dynamic world where scientists and researchers burn the midnight oil in a bid to make life easier through technological […]

Child Rights


The 2nd International Conference on Child Protection in Africa, an event organized by the Government of Kenya in collaboration with various agencies was recently held at Daystar University in Nairobi. The conference which commenced on the 22nd of November and ended on 24th of November 2023 was geared by the fruition of the 1st of […]

Climate Change

Impact of El-Nino rains on children in Kenya

El-Nino, or heavier-than-normal rains, is a devastating issue that occurs every 3 to 5 years, causing huge rainfall and flooding in different areas of Kenya. The Kenya Meteorological Department had previously issued a warning on areas most likely to be affected, including North Eastern counties and the coast leading to Mandera and Wajir, as well […]