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Have you ever wondered how the government decides how to manage the country’s money and taxes?...

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New Law Protects Children as Sierra Leone Says No to Child Marriage
Last month, Sierra Leone took a major step forward by passing a new law to stop child marriage. This...
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The Air We Breath
What is air pollution? Air pollution is when the air around us gets dirty with harmful substances like...
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Are Household Chores a Form of Child Labor?
In my opinion, whether household chores are a form of child labor really depends on the specific situation. ...
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 Balancing Children's potential Inside and Outside the Classroom
In today’s education system, there’s a big debate about whether we’re giving kids the...
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Arrest Made in Alleged Child Trafficking Case, Suspect Apprehended with Intent to Sell Child for Sh15 Million
Police in Bungoma County have arrested a woman named Anne Nanyama Wabwile, a 50-year-old individual,...
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Understanding War, Conflicts, and Genocide: Let's Learn Together!
Hey kids! Today, we’re going to talk about some big, serious stuff, which is war, conflicts, and...
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