How Does the Government Come up With a Finance Bill?

Have you ever wondered how the government decides how to manage the country’s money and taxes? It’s a fascinating process that starts with something called a Finance Bill! What is a Finance Bill? A Finance Bill is like a big plan that the government creates to manage the country’s money. It explains how the government […]

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New Law Protects Children as Sierra Leone Says No to Child Marriage

Last month, Sierra Leone took a major step forward by passing a new law to stop child marriage. This law, called the Prohibition of Child Marriage Bill 2024, makes it illegal for anyone under 18 to get married. This is a big deal because child marriage has been a serious problem in Sierra Leone. In […]


The Air We Breath

What is air pollution? Air pollution is when the air around us gets dirty with harmful substances like smoke, dust, and chemicals. These things can make it hard for us to breathe in fresh, clean air.   How Does Air Pollution Affect Us? When we breathe in polluted air, it can make us sick. It […]


Are Household Chores a Form of Child Labor?

In my opinion, whether household chores are a form of child labor really depends on the specific situation.  On one hand, I don’t think the chores I do around the house are child labor at all. I have a few regular tasks like keeping my room clean, helping with the dishes after meals, and doing […]

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 Balancing Children’s potential Inside and Outside the Classroom

In today’s education system, there’s a big debate about whether we’re giving kids the right balance between learning in class and learning from real-life experiences. Traditionally, schools have focused a lot on tests and grades, often leaving out important skills like problem-solving, teamwork, and practical know-how. Some people say we need to shake things up […]

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Arrest Made in Alleged Child Trafficking Case, Suspect Apprehended with Intent to Sell Child for Sh15 Million

Police in Bungoma County have arrested a woman named Anne Nanyama Wabwile, a 50-year-old individual, who they believe is involved in child trafficking. Anne Nanyama Wabwile was caught with a five-year-old boy she allegedly planned to sell for Sh15 million. This arrest has shocked the community, as child trafficking is seen as a terrible crime. […]


Understanding War, Conflicts, and Genocide: Let’s Learn Together!

Hey kids! Today, we’re going to talk about some big, serious stuff, which is war, conflicts, and genocide. These are things that happen in different parts of the world, like Congo, Sudan, Gaza, Afghanistan, Syria, Rwanda, and more. You might have heard these words before but didn’t really know what they mean. Let’s learn together! […]