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Boy Nursing Serious Injuries after Teargas Canister hit his Head during Anti-Government Protest

A family from Mukuru Kwa Ruben is crying for Justice after their seven years old son was left with life threatening injuries during anti-government protest on March the 20th. The family of Louise Musela claims he was hit by a teargas canister during the riots and for the past two weeks he has been confined […]

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Grade Four Pupil Sustains Serious Injuries after Being Given 107 Cane Strokes

A grade four pupil from Riang’ombe Primary School, Nyamira County is nursing serious injuries after a teacher gave him 107 cane strokes. The matter came to light after it was highlighted by social media users using the hashtag  ‘Justice for Grade 4 Pupil’ demanding for the immediate arrest and prosecution of the teacher in question […]