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Children in Sudan Subjected to Violence and Hunger

As the conflict rages on in Sudan, it is the innocent children of the nation who find themselves most vulnerable and at risk. With escalating violence and instability, the situation for Sudanese children has reached a critical point, marked by staggering statistics from UNICEF. The ongoing conflict in Sudan which has been marked by the […]

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Sexual Abuse in School; The Silent Suffering of Nkirote

The rise in incidents of reported crimes of a sexual nature and the periodic mass sexual violence directed at girls and boys within learning institutions attest to threatened sexual safety in Kenyan schools today. Sexual abuse refers to any unwanted sexual activity or behavior that is forced upon someone without their consent. It can involve […]

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Why Developing Young Talent Matters

Nurturing the next generation of achievers is more important than ever, especially in today’s rapidly changing world. Whether it’s through mentoring, sponsorship, or simply recognizing and supporting unique talents, investing in young people isn’t just a good deed, it’s a requirement for our progress as a society. Take Coach Veronica, for example. She took a […]

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Period Poverty, A Girl Child Crisis

Some of you may ask, What is period poverty. From my understanding, period poverty is generally lacking access to menstrual products, education and hygiene resources needed when having a period. Now, Let’s talk about this. Is period poverty a girl’s crisis? Most people think it’s not but I fully disagree and and support the fact […]

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It Is Time We Hold Ourselves Accountable

Most of the time you will hear people shout, Climate Change! Climate Change!, but does everyone really care about our planet? I don’t think so. Do we not know that human activities such as deforestation lead to environmental degradation where animals and plants lose their habitat, loss of trees and other vegetation can cause climate […]

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Are Women To Be Blamed for the Rise of Femicide Cases in Kenya?

It is so sad that most times women are the ones to be blamed when they are killed. Femicide can be defined as an intentional killing with a gender-related motivation. Femicide may be driven by stereotyped gender roles, discrimination towards women and girls, unequal power relations between women and men, or harmful social norms. Based […]

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Children’s Education at Risk as Cholera Crisis Hits 

Lusaka, Zambia’s capital is in the grips of a cholera crisis with 3,757 cases and 128 deaths, forcing the government to postpone school reopening by three weeks. This delay raises concerns about the 2024 academic year’s integrity. The majority of Lusaka’s 3 million residents who are squeezed into 9,150 homes per square kilometer, live in […]

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Staying Safe and Wise Online

In today’s digital age, the internet plays a significant role in our lives, providing us with endless opportunities for learning, entertainment, and socializing. However, it is crucial for children and teenagers, like us, to be aware of the potential risks associated with online activities, such as cyberbullying and exposure to harmful content. This article aims […]

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A Ticking Time Bomb

In our world today, a looming crisis quietly accompanies our daily routines, and it goes beyond the immediate concerns of our daily lives. We’re talking about climate change, a force that not only transforms landscapes but also holds the power to reshape the very foundations of our global economies. The world is currently very dependent […]

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Children Caught in the Storm: Battling Poverty’s Grip on Zambia’s Youth Amidst Global Turmoil

    The COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with the Russia-Ukraine conflict, has undeniably brought about significant social and economic challenges to countries worldwide. Zambia is no exception, grappling with a myriad of economic issues, from mounting local and foreign debt, totaling nearly 27 billion dollars, leading to a countrywide default in 2021.  The surge in food and essential […]