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Where Do I Stand??

It has been four months and twelve agonizing days of relentless genocide on Palestine. The images and videos making rounds on Social media haunt me. Children who are innocent and pure are now victims of a never-ending violence. Their hungry cries cut through the chaos while their tiny bodies bears the scars of a war […]

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A Ticking Time Bomb

In our world today, a looming crisis quietly accompanies our daily routines, and it goes beyond the immediate concerns of our daily lives. We’re talking about climate change, a force that not only transforms landscapes but also holds the power to reshape the very foundations of our global economies. The world is currently very dependent […]


Do Broken Families Breed More Broken Families?

A while ago, i was talking to my friends and one asked…Do broken families give birth to more broken families? This got me thinking, because children usually become the main characters in this ongoing narrative as observers of the complicated relationships of love, conflict, and resilience within their households. Their experiences are often shaped by […]

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The Looming Hopes and Fears of Genetic AI

People from all walks of life have responded to artificial intelligence (AI) in different ways since its inception, and due to its many emerging benefits and drawbacks, parents and children in African nations have expressed a great deal of interest in this tool. Will school-age children still rely on their innate ability to think critically […]

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Bridging the Gap in AI Policy-Making for Children

An unsettling reality persists in the era of artificial intelligence, where the digital revolution has taken over our lives. Africa, a continent with untapped potential, is frequently left out of discussions about global AI policy. It goes beyond the digital divide, poor infrastructure, or the economic inequalities that plague many African countries. It concerns the […]


Opinion: Child bullying – A ticking time bomb in schools

By Ben Oroko: Bullying in schools is a complex issue and cannot be prevented, unless all responsible parties take an active stance against the issue and proactively work together to promote equality as part of the efforts of  preventing  any unlawful discrimination within the  school environment. Bullying is not a new phenomenon  in our schools, since it has been around […]